NSCRC & CS 2016




The Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference (NSCRC) is organized for students by students. It is devoted to the research of undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral chemistry students, providing an opportunity for students to share their work in a relaxing atmosphere. The day-long event features student poster and oral research presentations, awards, and catered lunch. The conference encourages students to network and get feedback from their peers. The 1st NSCRC was held April 24, 1999 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


The 18th Annual Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference (NSCRC) will be held at University of Massachusetts-Boston's Integrated Sciences Complex on Saturday, April 16th and our Career Symposium will be held Sunday, April 17th.


Dr. Mircea Dincă


Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Department of Chemistry Functional Inorganic and Organic Materials


PhD, University of California – Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

BA, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Teaching Sponges New Tricks: Catalysis and Charge Transport in Microporous Metal-Organic Frameworks

 Traditional applications of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are focused on gas storage and separation, which take advantage of the inherent porosity and high surface area of these materials. The MOFs’ use in technologies that require charge transport have lagged behind, however, because MOFs are poor conductors of electricity. We show that design principles honed from decades of previous research in molecular conductors can be employed to produce MOFs with remarkable charge mobility and conductivity values that rival or surpass those of common organic semiconductors and even graphite. We further show that these, ordered, and crystalline conductors can be used for a variety of applications in energy storage, electrocatalysis, electrochromics, and selective chemiresistive sensing. Another virtually untapped area of MOF chemistry is related to their potential to mediate redox reactivity and heterogeneous catalysis through their metal nodes. We show that MOFs can be thought of as unique macromolecular ligands that give rise to unusual molecular clusters where small molecules can react in a matrix-like environment, akin to the metal binding pockets of metalloproteins. By employing a mild, highly modular synthetic method and a suite of spectroscopic techniques, we show that redox reactivity at MOF nodes can lead to the isolation and characterization of highly unstable intermediates relevant to biological and industrial catalysis, and to industrially relevant catalytic transformations that are currently performed only by homogeneous catalysts.


Communicating scientific research effectively to the larger community is very important. For this reason NSYCC would like to  give attendees at the NSCRC an opportunity to present their research in an "elevator speech" .  Presenters will have a chance to promote their research prior to the poster and the seminar sessions, which could increase the attention that they get during throughout the rest of the conference. Each speaker will get 2 minutes with one powerpoint slide (no animations) sent ahead of time to treasurer@nsycc.org  by Tuesday April 12th. The best "elevator speech" will be awarded with a prize and recognition.

Those who expressed their interest to give a pitch in their abstract submission will receive more information on their presentation soon!


$200 Outstanding Oral Presentation Award sponsored by Strem Chemicals

$50 Excellent Elevator Pitch Award sponsored by JEOL USA, Inc.

$150 Outstanding Graduate Student Poster sponsored by Strem Chemicals

$100 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Poster sponsored by JEOL USA, Inc.

$100 Most Promising Female Scientist Award sponsored by Graduate Women in Science



Careers in Industry Panelists (these lists will be continually updated as they are finalized)

  • Dr. Jeremy O'Brien - Aramco Services Company
  • Dr. Govinda Bhisetti - Biogen
  • Tim Bergeron - JEOL USA

Careers in Academia Panelist

  • Dr. Ed Brush - Bridgewater State University
  • Greg Banks - Urban Science Academy
  • Dr. Jonathan Rochford - UMass-Boston

Alternative Career in Chemistry Panelists

  • Jennifer Lanza - ThermoFischer Scientific
  • Michelle Armstrong - Interchim
  • Laura Celano - Propel Careers

Grad School Panelists

  • Jerry Gilligan - UMass-Boston
  • Whitney Hess - MIT
  • Kyle Cole - Boston College

Post Doc Panelist

  • Dr. Simon Breitler - Harvard
  • Dr. Ling-Fang Tseng - Living Proof Inc.
  • Dr. Mohammad Alaghemandi - UMass-Boston


Workshop #1: Innovation, Chemistry, and Jobs: Entrepreneurship Shapes Our Tomorrow

Dr. Mukund Chorghade, President & CSO, Chorghade Enterprises/THINQ Pharma

Dr. Mukund Chorghade is a serial entrepreneur, President and Chief Scientific Officer, THINQ Pharma / THINQ Discovery, and of Chorghade Enterprises. He is the Chief Scientific Officer of Chicago Discovery Solutions, an adjunct research professor at Northeastern University and has appointments at Harvard, MIT and Princeton. Dr. Chorghade will be giving advice from his many years of experience with starting his own company and how chemists can take their career far.

Workshop #2: Resumes, Cover Letters, & Interviews

This essential skills workshop will cover resume basics, cover letter tips, and interview preparation. The career consultants will teach attendees how to format resumes (or C.V.’s). Basic interview questions will also be covered and tips about the “job search” process will be discussed in relation to proper social media use.

Roy Simon, Freelance Consultant, Simmons Management Services, LLC

Professor Patrick Gordon, Adjunct Professor, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Roy and Patrick are career consultants with both industrial (R&D, Manufacturing, Project Management, Divisional Staff, and Department Management) and academic (Lecturer and Adjunct) experience. They have joined forces that apply to present career programs for undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and mid-career scientists/engineers.


Get you resume reviewed by an HR professional!

Professionals from JEOL USA will be providing 10 minute resume review session throughout the day. Find out how to make your resume stand out from someone in charge of hiring! Bring a printed copy of your resume and sign up for a time at the registration table. Spaces will  be filled first come first serve.


The half-day event will end with a social event at The Banshee in nearby Dorchester where participants can practice their newly developed networking skills over a drink.


The conference is being hosted by the Department of Chemistry at UMass-Boston. The welcome and registration table will be in the main entrance of the Integrated Sciences Complex, University Drive S, Boston, MA 02125 (shown on the map below)

We would like to thank our generous sponsors!