2013 German Exchange


The trip to Germany will start with an overnight flight from Boston on Saturday, March 22; return to Boston will be on Sunday, March 30. The highlight of the visit will be the JCF student chemistry research conference (Frühjahrssymposium) in Jena on Wednesday-Saturday, March 26-29, which will provide the opportunity for the participants to engage in extensive networking with German and other European students, and to take part in discussions focused on research, careers, education, and international opportunities. The activities for the first part of the week will include excursions to industrial, academic, scientific, and cultural institutions in eastern Germany. Each student representative from NESACS will be expected to make a poster or oral presentation on his/her research at the Frühjahrssymposium, and upon return at the Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference (NSCRC) in late-April/early-May. Air tickets will be provided by NESACS; accommodations in Germany will be covered by GDCh. A working knowledge of German, while useful, will not be specifically required; the language of the Frühjahrssymposium and the other events will be English.